How Can Pneumonia Be Treated In Elderly?

By on October 14, 2015

Are you wondering how can pneumonia be treated in an elderly? If so, then you must first try to known what is pneumonia actually.

Pneumonia is basically a lung infection having serious consequences on the health of an individual.

However, adequate treatment and early diagnosis of this disease can help in healing the condition within a very short span of time.

Pneumonia in the elderly is quite serious and it should be treated as soon as possible because it hinders the normally functioning of the lungs. Pneumonia repercussions vary depending on several factors like the heath status, the degree of severity and the age of the patient.

Methods For How Can Pneumonia Be Treated

Learn how can pneumonia be treated in elderly by going through the points described below:

How Can Pneumonia Be Treated


Bacterial pneumonia can easily be treated using antibiotics. However, prior to using antibiotics for the condition, cultures need to be completed thoroughly in order to ensure that the infection is bacterial by nature. At the same time, it is also important to keep in mind that pneumonia resulting due to virus attacks cannot be treated using antibiotics.

Nutritious Drinks and Foods

The normal intake of nutritious drinks and foods can help in treating pneumonia in the elderly. Fluids should be taken in adequate amounts as these help in keeping the secretion of the lungs thinner and easier for an individual to cough up.


Medications like acetaminophen are recommended for treating pneumonia caused due to virus. In some cases, medicines taken along with inhalers can turn out to be useful in dilating the respiratory tract or reducing the inflammation of the lungs, making it easier to breathe.

Lifestyle Changes

Lifestyle changes are important when learning about how can pneumonia be treated in elderly. Lifestyle changes like taking adequate rest and avoiding challenging activities can help in treating pneumonia. Part from this, patients suffering from pneumonia should avoid getting exposed to pollutants and cold air.

Flu Shot

Getting a flu shot predisposes an individual to pneumonia. There are numerous benefits of the flu shot. However, for people above the age of 65, there are vaccines that work against pneumococcal infections.

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