Common Emphysema Signs And Symptoms To Know (As A Smoker)

By on February 1, 2016

Emphysema is basically a long-term and a chronic lung disease which is caused due to excessive smoking.

Due to lung damage, the people suffering from Emphysema experience a lot of difficulty while blowing out air.

Emphysema is an obstructive pulmonary disease which presents itself in the form of a permanent and abnormal enlargement of the air spaces.

The disease is one of the many diseases that are collectively known as chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, in short known as COPD.

In some people it appears as a combination of chronic bronchitis and emphysema with different airway bronchospasm degrees.

Emphysema Signs And Symptom

Common Emphysema Signs and Symptoms

Here are the common Emphysema Signs and Symptoms, which every smoker should be aware of:


This is one of the most common Emphysema signs and symptoms. People suffering from emphysema can notice something wrong when they start feeling exhausted and losing breath during a routine activity. Such activities include mowing the lawn or climbing stairs.

Pursed Lip-breathing

This is another hallmark sign of emphysema. People suffering from this condition might find it very difficult to exhale completely when try to empty trapped air. Therefore, these people purse their lips while leaving a very small opening. Post this, when they exhale, lips block air flow while increasing pressure in collapsed airways.

Barrel Chest

People suffering from emphysema are at an increased risk of developing barrel chest. This is a condition where the distance from the chest to the back becomes greatly pronounced whereas it is normally less than the distance side to side. This is generally the result of trapped air in the obstructed airways.


Cough is a major symptom for most people suffering from emphysema. Nevertheless, cough might also persist as one of the major symptoms of this condition post an individual quits smoking.


This is one symptom which is shared along with asthma in common. Wheezing improves with the use of inhaled medications known as bronchodilators. Apart from this, constant fatigue, morning headaches, difficulty concentrating or lethargy and weight loss are other common symptoms of emphysema.

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