4 Best Natural Cures For Pneumonia

By on September 24, 2014

Every 20 seconds in developing countries, a child below 5 years dies due to pneumonia.

Apart from traditional medicines, herbal medicines are used as natural cures for pneumonia.

The University of Maryland Medical Center has described pneumonia to be an illness which affects millions and this also includes people in the United States.

Below we have discussed a few of natural cures for Pneumonia for your benefit.

Using the extracts of Pleurisy root

Natural Cures For PneumoniaThe complexity of pneumonia develops when the pleural membranes in the lungs get inflamed.

The intake of extracts of Pleurisy root helps to treat pneumonia and also helps in the secretion of healthy fluids in the lungs.

Apart from this the extracts of Pleurisy root are also used to cure cough, flu and bronchial congestion. The Pleurisy root has many phytochemicals, which are used to cure and in many herbal medicines.

Garlic, Onion and Honey mixture

One of the best natural cures for Pneumonia is the mixture of garlic, onion and honey.

If you are having a severe case of pneumonia an effective natural cure would be to use a few cloves of garlic, onion and two tablespoons of honey.

You can add a little water in the mixture and then blend it into a fine mixture using a blender. This natural mixture can be taken before the first meal of the day and you would see its effect immediately, once your congested bronchial passage opens up immediately.

Drinking a Glass of Cranberry or Apple Juice daily

A glass of fresh apple or cranberry juice would be idea during breakfast. This juice is a powerful anti-oxidant which helps your body to fight extreme infections and cure symptoms of pneumonia. The juice can be followed by eating a small quantity of yoghurt.

Enjoying a Potassium Broth

Most people would not know about potassium broth. It is also one the best natural cures for Pneumonia. But it is a simple soup made from carrots, celery stalks, radishes, garlic cloves and a few portions of parsley.

All the ingredients need to be boiled over a low flame and then the delicious potassium broth can be consumed for lunch. The broth has a high level of antioxidants, which would fight the symptoms of pneumonia.

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