Know How Do We Get Ebola Virus Disease and It’s Symptoms

By on December 23, 2014

The Ebola virus disease or EVD is considered a very severe and fatal illness affecting human beings and it has caused large scale havoc across Sierra Leone, Liberia and Guinea.

This disease completely weakens an individual’s immune system and even causes bleeding both outside and inside the body.

It can even put health workers at an increased risk if they do not protect themselves properly.

How Do We Get Ebola Virus Disease

It is rightly believed that fruit bats coming from Pteropodidae family found in the tropical rainforests serve as the natural hosts for EVD. It is a deadly virus which is transmitted into human beings through animals and even through the other infected human beings.

How Do We Get Ebola Virus

The virus can get easily transmitted by coming in very close contact with bodily fluids, blood, sweat and secretions of people who are infected with EVD.

One can get infected by EVD if he or she comes in contact with already infected animals like porcupines, fruit bats, gorillas, chimpanzees and monkeys. Touching contaminated and unhygienic needles is another way of coming into contact with this treacherous disease.

The Symptoms of Ebola Virus Disease

The beginning signs of EVD include normal illness or flu-like feeling. However, the common symptoms start appearing after a few days of getting infected. The other symptoms of Ebola virus disease include muscle and joints pain, fever, stomach pain, acute weakness, headache, sore throat and lack of hunger.

If the condition aggravates and this infection worsens then a patient might start experiencing vomiting, rashes, impaired functioning of the liver and diarrhea. The most serious of all, internal as well as external bleeding might also be experienced by the patient.

Some patients might also experience chest pain, red eyes, trouble swallowing and breathing and hiccups. Patients suffering from the worst conditions of EVD need intensive care as well as certain oral rehydration solutions have to be used on them.

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