Coronary Stent Complications You Should Be Aware Of

By on December 10, 2014

You can suffer from a heart attack if you have large deposits of plaque deposited in your arteries.

Plaques build up narrows down the vessels in the heart and when the arteries get blocked you, suffer from a heart attack.

Stents are like mesh tubes and they are introduced into the arteries to open them and allow blood circulation properly.

Statistics shared by the American Heart Association indicates that there is a growing trend in US population of people undertaking stench surgeries followed by balloon angioplasty.

Possible Coronary Stent Complications

Coronary Stent ComplicationsA cardiac specialist undertakes the surgery to place the stench in your blood vessels. The surgery is complicated and monitored stringently.

However medical experts would caution the patient’s family that a few complications can arise as the body might reject the foreign object or due to some other medical health complications.

Here are the possible common Coronary Stent complications which can arise after the stent has been placed.

Development of Blood Clots

After the stench has been inserted, the patient might develop clots in the arteries. Here the patient’s life is at major risk and the medical experts would introduce various specialized drugs to combat the situation.

The Nerves Could Get Blocked

In extreme conditions the plaques from the arteries could reach the brain cells. This would block the nerves. Here the patient might suffer from a stroke where his speech would be slurred and he would be weak and confused.

Coronary Dissection

If the stench has not been placed in the blood vessel it could create a small tear. This would make the artery bleed and this would lead to escalated medical emergency. Here the patient would need to undertake a cardiac surgery.


One of the common coronary stent complications is that sometimes the patient might suffer from infection. If the patient after the surgery suffers from fever, discomfort in the chest area and inflammation in the operated area. Then the patient is infected.

Allergic Reactions Due To The Dye

During angiogram a dye are used. Sometimes the body would suffer from an allergic reaction and this would lead to kidney failure.


In this medical condition the arteries in the heart would get blocked again. This would be due to the presence of collagen in the blood. This can escalate to a condition of heart attack again.

Before undertaking the stent implant it is essential that you understand the condition of your body and then go for the surgery. The doctor should know your medical history so that complications are prevented after the surgery.

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