Methods Of Treatment For Hardening Of The Arteries

By on February 16, 2015

Atherosclerosis is a medical condition in which the arteries in the heart harden.

This hardening or thickening of arteries is caused due to white blood cells invasion and accumulation in the arteries

These arteries in the heart are very flexible and when they are healthy, they help for normal function of heart.

However when you have plaque buildup, along with high levels of bad cholesterol in your body, then the condition of Atherosclerosis might set in.

Treatment For Hardening Of The Arteries

Most cardiac experts recommend the following methods of treatment for hardening of the arteries to patients suffering with Atherosclerosis.

Treatment For Hardening Of The Arteries

Making Changes in Your Lifestyle

The first step to treat a person suffering from Atherosclerosis is by making changes in his lifestyle. Here most people suffering from this condition would be smoking or consuming alcohol daily.

National Heart, Lung and Blood Institute experts are of the opinion that large consumption of alcohol would lead to the rise of triglycerides in your blood. This would lead to the development of blood pressure.

Thus dieticians recommend people suffering from Atherosclerosis to have a diet which is low in salt and this prevents plaque formation in the hearts arteries. These people are also asked to embrace simple exercise which would help them in a major way.

Taking Statins

One of the common used ways of treatment for hardening of the arteries is taking special group of medications known as statin. As these people suffer from high level cholesterol, these medicines help in reducing the percentage of bad cholesterol and increase the level of good cholesterol.

These medicines would help to dissolve the plaques and lower the blood pressure level of the person. Here ACE inhibitors are used to lower the high blood pressure and reduce the development of Atherosclerosis.

If there is any blood clotting problem, then doctors prescribe medicines which will reduce the condition of blood clotting internally, otherwise it might result in heart attack.

Surgeries for Hardening of the Arteries

Sometimes when the patient suffers from advanced levels of Atherosclerosis, then traditional surgical processes are recommended for treatment.

Angioplasty is one such procedure and here a surgical balloon is introduced in the artery and the artery is inflated. Stent is later added to allow the easy flow of blood. Sometimes, even bypass surgery is also used recommended for treatment.

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