Know About Hole In Heart At Birth

By on March 11, 2014

Approximately, 8 out of every 1000 born babies have congenital heart defects that can range from mild to severe. Among those, the most common defects are ‘Holes in the Heart’.

If your child is diagnosed with these congenital heart diseases, it means he or she was born with some problem in heart’s formation.

You are likely worried about your child’s immediate and also long-term future. Today, we are going to discuss on ‘Hole in the Heart’ and its treatment.

What are holes in the heart?

Hole In Heart At BirthSmall holes in the heart actually happen in the septum between two atria, upper and smaller chambers of the heart.

A hole in the heart is a kind of congenital heart defect that changes the normal blood flow through the heart. Many babies are born with a small single hole.

What causes holes in the heart?

  • Hereditary plays a key role in causing some heart defects like holes in heart. Parent having CHD is more likely to have a kid with a hole in the heart.
  • Children who have some genetic disorders like Down syndrome before often have a hole in the heart.
  • Smoking during pregnancy is another common cause of developing hole in heart including septum problems.

What is the treatment for hole in heart at birth?

Kids with heart defects may take heart medication prior to surgery in order to lessen symptoms of heart defects. Those who had surgery for heart defects can leave the hospital within 4-5 days after surgery.

In many cases, kids who had undergone surgery may recover quickly without any problems. But doctors closely monitor the child for symptoms of any problems. Kids may undergo one more echocardiogram in order to make sure that heart defect has closed completely.

Consult your physician if you notice any issues in your child after closure of heart defect.

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