How Diet Can Prevent Heart Diseases?

By on June 3, 2013

Heart diseases are the leading cause of death, which doesn’t mean that you have to accept this as your fate.

Even though you might know that having some particular foods can certainly raise the risk of getting heart diseases, often it is tough to change the eating habits.

You can avoid these heart problems in future through adopting healthy lifestyle today. Eating healthy food is an important method in preventing the heart diseases.

For all the possible improvements, make your diet healthier, limit saturated fats and cut-out the Trans fats totally.

heart diseasesBoth these fats can raise your bad cholesterol level or LDL, which can certainly increase the risk for heart stroke.

Your diet is key in controlling the bad cholesterol. Some kinds of foods can lower the cholesterol risk, while others can make this even worse.

Preventing Heart Diseases by Choosing foods that lower cholesterol

Make Smart Choices:

Select foods that are rich in fiber, proteins, and unsaturated fats. Vegetables, fruits, beans, seeds, nuts, and fish are all cholesterol regulators.

Best foods for reducing cholesterol are fish, olive oil, walnuts, oatmeal, and fortified foods with stanols and sterols- substances that found in the plants, which will help block the cholesterol absorption.

Avoid Trans or Saturated Fats:

Foods that have higher levels of Trans fats or saturated fats like packaged cookies and potato chips can certainly increase the cholesterol levels significantly than the cholesterol containing foods like eggs.

Trans and saturated fats both will increase LDL or bad cholesterol. LDL fat can lower your HDL fat that can put you at increased risk for cardiovascular risks.

Keep in mind that food labels can be deceiving:

Packaged foods like low cholesterol or cholesterol free aren’t really heart healthy; even they might contain cholesterol that is heart risky. Prefer to eat veggies, fruit, lean proteins and nuts.

Eat your home food:

It could be difficult to eat heart healthy foods when you are eating microwave dinners and processed foods. But try to adopt home cooking. Avoid eating processed foods. Cooking for yourself can enable you to have control over oil and salt intake. So, use alternatives to salt.

Stay away from processed and salty foods:

Having a lot of salt may contribute to increased blood pressure levels. High blood pressure is a major risk for heart diseases. Limit the salt intake.

Salt substitutes or substitute reduced sodium versions:

Select your processed and condiment foods very carefully, search for foods that are labelled with low sodium, unsalted or sodium free. Better to use fresh vegetables and cook without using salt.

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