5 Debilitating Heart Disease Causes

By on June 6, 2013

Heart diseases can take many forms, such as coronary artery disease, high blood pressure, or valvular stroke.

The heart disease causes are as varied as the different types of heart diseases.

Some of the most common causes of heart disease include changes in the heart activity, atherosclerosis, infections and birth defects.

Here is the list of the most common heart disease causes :

1. Cholesterol:

Heart Disease CausesCholesterol is one of the major heart disease causes. This is the fat made by liver from saturated fats that we have consumed.

For healthy cells cholesterol is necessary, but too much cholesterol in blood can cause coronary heart disease (CHD).

Usually cholesterol is carried in blood stream by the molecules known as lipoproteins. They are two types LDL and HDL.

Often, LDL is known as the bad cholesterol. This type of cholesterol tends to build-up on coronary arteries walls, and increases the risk of getting heart disease. HDL is referred to as good cholesterol and it is essential for the body.

2. High Blood Pressure:

Hypertension or high blood pressure can put strain on the heart and cause CHD. Uncontrolled blood pressure could increase your heart’s workload, and also thicken and harden the arteries, and make your heart harder for blood circulation. In most of the cases this can be controlled with healthy lifestyle changes and also medications.

3. Type 2 Diabetes:

Individuals who are suffering with type 2 diabetes are twice likely to get heart stroke or disease even they managed well. If poorly managed, then the risk is very high, since uncontrolled sugar levels in blood can damage your veins and heart.

Type 2 diabetes can be preventable. So if you are suffering from diabetes, then it is very important to work with the healthcare provider in order to control the risk factors that you have.

4. Smoking:

This is the major cause of heart disease. Nicotine and carbon monoxide both can put strain on your heart through making it work faster. Also they raise the risk for blood clots.

Smoking chemical cigarette can damage your coronary arteries lining, and lead to furring of arteries. Smoking can increase your heart disease risk by 24%.

5. Thrombosis:

This is a blood clot within the artery or even in a vein. In case thrombosis occurs in the coronary artery, then it will cause your artery to narrow, and prevent the blood supply through reaching heart muscle that increases the chances of getting heart attack. Usually coronary thrombosis happens at same place where the atherosclerosis forming.

You should consult your doctor to develop the heart-smart plan, which is effective and safe for you. If you are at risk of any of the above heart disease causes, you should take proper care to reduce the further progression of the disease. Usually these plans include some combinations of exercise, weight loss, medications and dietary changes.

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