Know the Possible Consequences Of High Blood Pressure

By on July 15, 2013

The heart pumps blood across the body through the arteries. Blood pressure is the amount of force applied on the artery walls by pumping the blood.

High blood pressure occurs when the force in the blood vessel is too high compared to normal.

Hypertension is generally known as “silent killer”.

People who have high blood pressure do not have any symptoms, but the most common risk factors include: a diet high in sodium, lack of physical activity, excessive alcohol consumption, hereditary, stress, smoking and obesity.

Consequences Of High Blood PressureHealth complications can occur when high blood pressure is left untreated. Some of the possible dangerous health consequences of high blood pressure include damage to your arteries, kidney damage, brain damage, heart attack and even vision damage.

Damage to your arteries:

Healthy blood vessels are strong, elastic and flexible that helps to supply sufficient amount of nutrients and oxygen to your heart, brain and other organs.

People, who have hypertension causes blood vessels to become thicken, narrow and harden, which means that they can get blocked and ruptured.

Kidney damage:

The kidneys are essential elements of the body which can filter excess fluid and waste from your blood. One of the most common consequences of high blood pressure is kidney damage.

If you have high blood pressure, it can narrow and thicken your blood vessels that supply blood to the kidneys. The kidneys filter less fluid and waste form in the blood which in turn cause kidney failure.

Heart attack:

The most vital of the consequences of high blood pressure is heart attack [Diet for Preventing Heart Diseases]. A heart attack comes when a blood clot completely obstructs an artery blood supply to the heart muscle and becomes less elastic, and makes heart work much harder.

When blood can’t flow freely to your heart, you may also experience chest pain, heart enlargement and irregular heart rhythms.

Brain damage:

High blood pressure is also a major cause of brain damage like strokes and bleeding in the brain. Blood vessels in the brain can be blocked just like blood vessels in the heart.

If an artery in your brain gets obstructed, the brain cells will not get a sufficient amount of oxygen and nutrients that generally get from your blood which in turn cause stroke. A stroke is sometimes called as “brain attack”.

Vision damage:

High blood pressure may also obstruct the vessels that supply blood to the retina which causes retinopathy. These consequences of high blood pressure can cause blurred vision, complete loss of vision and bleeding in the eye.

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