5 Common Heart Valve Disease Causes You Should Aware Of

By on April 20, 2015

The heart is the strongest muscle of the body divided into two parts.

Both the parts of the heart possess four sets of valves called the atrium chambers and the ventricle chambers. Sometimes, these valves get damaged because of injury or disease.

Damaged valves do not function in the proper manner. Damages to the heart valve might cause heart valve diseases.

Stenosis or stiffness and valvular regurgitation or leakiness are two major types of heart valve diseases.

Heart Valve Disease Causes

Here are some of the major heart valve disease causes that you should be aware of:

Heart Valve Disease Causes

Narrowing of Arteries or Blood Vessels

The narrowing of arteries or blood vessels leading to and away from heart can cause great stress on heart valves causing damage. The blood vessels or arteries can narrow down due to extensive calcification which occurs generally at old age.

Heart Valve Degeneration

One of the most common heart valve diseases causes is heart valve degeneration. This affects mostly the mitral valve in heart. It is characterized by slower degeneration from mitral valve prolapsed, which is nothing but improper leaflet movement. This gradually results into floppy and redundant leaflet.

Overuse of Drugs

The overuse or recreational use of drugs like Cocaine Ecstasy, Methamphetamine and Amphetamine can result in overworking the heart leading to heart valve diseases. These drugs have an adverse effect on the heart valve resulting in various heart valve diseases.

Congenital Abnormality

Congenital abnormality is a condition where a defect is identified in the heart valve. This defect might be present from birth like small hole, malformation or heart murmur. Congenital abnormality can serve as a major cause of heart valve diseases.

This condition is not very common in people but the ones suffering from this condition are at an increased risk of contracting major heart valve diseases.

Miscellaneous Causes

Valve inflammation, bacterial infection and diseases like rheumatic fever can also serve as Heart Valve Disease Causes. All the above mentioned causes of heart valve diseases can best be cured through medications, diet and exercise.

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