Can Allergies Cause Heart Palpitations? Yes, They Do

By on April 9, 2014

Do you doubt that can allergies cause heart palpitations? Yes, allergies sometimes in rare conditions can cause heart palpitations.

Sometimes, food allergies, drug allergies, and even insect allergies can cause heart palpitations.

Heart palpitations are not life threatening in most of the cases, they go away by themselves. But it is best to consult a doctor, if you are regularly having them.

How Does it Feel While Having Heart Palpitations?

Actually, heart palpitations is abnormal beating of heart i.e. heart beats very fast. We will even experience uneasiness in chest, dizziness, and difficulty in breathing along with this racing heart beat.

Can Allergies Cause Heart PalpitationsApart from allergies, it is caused by stress, anxiety, during pregnancy, panic attacks, being anemic, heart problems, caffeine, nicotine, low blood pressure, hyperthyroidism, etc.

Food and Heart Palpitations

Caffeine is one of the main causes of heart palpitations. Caffeinated beverages, too much eating of chocolate can also result in facing heart rate.

Food allergies, whether it is due to peanuts, food coloring, preservatives used for foods, etc can sometimes show the symptoms of palpitations.

Drug Allergies

Drug allergy caused when our body thinks of taken drug as harmful, and reacts over it. Some of the drugs such as antihistamines and prescription Over-the-counter drugs can result into drug reaction.

Drug allergies will also sometimes symptoms of heart palpitations along with rash, etc. One should remember that if a person is experiencing allergy due to drugs, then he or she must seek medical assistance immediately. As drug allergy can sometimes be life threatening.


If a person is experiencing racing heart during allergic reaction, then could be anaphylaxis. This is a dangerous allergic reaction, which can even result into death.

Anaphylaxis shows symptoms like itchy skin rash, low blood pressure, and swelling of throat. This allergic reaction will also show the symptom of heart palpitations.

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