Available Inflammatory Heart Disease Treatment Methods

By on May 21, 2015

Inflammatory heart disease is the inflammation of the muscles of the heart due to some kind of infection developing from a virus or bacteria or from some kind of internal peculiarity.

The inflammation of the heart is frequently associated with Kawasaki disease and rheumatic fever.

The most common types of inflammatory heart diseases include pericarditis, endocarditis and myocarditis.

It is inflammatory heart disease treatment and prevention that can help in doing away with these worst conditions of the heart.

Inflammatory Heart Disease Treatment Options

Here are the various available methods of inflammatory heart disease treatment, which works effectively in treating.

Inflammatory Heart Disease Treatment

Anti-Inflammatory Medications

The most effective inflammatory heart disease treatment is the use of anti-inflammatory medications for reducing inflammation.

The most common medicine used in this category is Ibuprofen due to the anti-inflammatory properties that it possesses. Narcotic pain medications can also be given for reducing inflammation and pain.


Less intense conditions of inflammatory heart diseases are also treated with the use of antibiotics. Antibiotics are generally prescribed when the infection is caused due to bacteria. Antibiotics are very effective in treating the condition from its roots.

Treatments For The Heart

There are other treatments which are used in order to enable the heart to function in a better manner. Such treatments include calcium channel blockers, diuretics and ACE inhibitors.

Corticosteroid Drugs

Corticosteroid drugs are also used for reducing inflammation but they are not taken as first hand treatment for inflammatory heart diseases. These drugs are only used for bringing about a reduction in inflammation but they may or may not provide pain relief.

Low-Salt Diet And Rest

Patients suffering from inflammatory heart diseases are recommended a regular diet that is low in salt and rest.

This is one of the most effective treatments for the inflammation of the heart and it works out good results. If these treatments do not work for the heart then the patient needs to go for a surgery or heart transplant.

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