What Is Angina Pectoris Caused By?

By on February 12, 2014

Today we are going to discuss on what causes Angina Pectoris, which is a kind of serious heart disease.

Knowing those causes that result in Angina Pectoris helps you to distinguish angina from other kinds of chest pains. Have a look!

What Is Angina Pectoris?

Angina Pectoris is chest pain usually appears when the muscle cells of heart do not get enough blood to carryout pumping function properly. Angina is the most common symptom of coronary artery disease.

What Causes Angina Pectoris?

Angina Pectoris CausesMyocardial ischemia is the major cause of chest pain in adults. Angina pectoris is a term used often when chest pain is said to be attributable to myocardial ischemia and is a warning sign of a more serious period of ischemic attack.

In the majority of cases, angina is mainly caused due to coronary artery disease (CAD). In CAD, coronary arteries may become narrowed by fibrous, fatty deposits which reduce the quantity of blood supply through them.

Physical exertion can be a common trigger for angina. During exertion, cells in the heart demands more oxygen. As these heart cells are forced to perform with inadequate resources, the nervous system often complains by sending pain signals to the brain.

Another main cause of angina is atherosclerotic plaque buildup. This leads to critical blockage of coronary artery which results in chest pain, heaviness and discomfort in the heart.

Angina happens, when a coronary artery experiences a spasm that leads to narrow and disrupting blood supply to heart. This can triggered by frequent exposure to stress, cold, smoking, cocaine and medicines use.

Being male, obesity, high blood pressure, diabetes, low salt intake, low fitness, poor cholesterol profile, having family history of early stroke or CAD, sedentary lifestyle and larger blood clots are the risk factors that cause angina attacks.

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