Why I Get Tired After Eating? Know The Reasons

By on April 1, 2014

Did your meal leave you tired? Well, a meal can make tired at times but if you think you feel the same way after every meal, then it indicates clearly that your health is degrading.

Here are the reasons, which will answer your question “Why I get tired after eating?”

Why I Get Tired After Eating?

Digestion Requires Energy

Feeling tired after eating common in one way. This very commonly happens as the body starts to digest food you ate especially after large meals, plenty of your energy is required to aid in digestion which makes you tired.

Changes in Nervous System

Why I Get Tired After Eating?Secondly, when food reaches to your belly, the activity of parasymptomatic nervous system enhances and activity of sympathetic nervous system lowers.

Sympathetic nervous system offers our fight-or-flight response and parasympathetic system makes your organs ready for digestion.

Actually, your body needs you to stay until to sort out all the contents of your stomach. This is why you are tired to move after your meal.

It’s the same thing that makes you feel tired when you are fighting with an infection. At these times, your immune system is running after bad guys.

This process needs lots of energy as well as resources and thus you will get tired after eating. The same thing may occur with food too. When you are allergic to any particular food, your body produces antibodies against that food.

These antibodies are produced by your immune system that makes you tired.These antibodies are also produced when you have any medical issues like sleep apnea, hypoglycemia, nutritional deficiency etc. thus makes you tired after eating.

Sugar In Our Body

Feeling tired after having food is quiet normal when you eat food stuffs that contain large amounts of carbohydrates and sugars in them like sweet or bakery food items.

Presence of excess sugar in the body leads pancreas to release more insulin which in turn results into a substance called tryptophan. Tryptophan after entering into brain gets transformed into serotonin that finally makes you feel tired after eating.

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