Why I Feel Extremely Tired All Day? Know The Reasons

By on June 15, 2016

If you wonder why you feel extremely tired all day then it is high time you take some major precautions and be careful about your condition.

There are a lot of people who feel unusually tired throughout the day with women being more in number.

Fatigue in people is generally caused due to a relatively minor health problem that can be fixed easily. However, sometimes it might indicate something serious.

It is necessary for people to know the difference between tiredness caused due to lack of sleep and the tiredness caused due to the other medical reasons.

Know The Reasons For Feeling Extremely Tired All Day

If you want to get an answer to the question why you feel extremely tired all day, then go through the points below:

Extremely Tired All Day

Not Eating Enough Food

You might feel tired throughout the day if you avoid yourself from taking food in desired quantities. Most of the times, people do not get the amount of food that they actually require for functioning properly because of their busy work schedules.


This is one of the main causes behind feeling constantly tired. It generally happens when the human body does not have sufficient red blood cells for carrying oxygen to the organs and the tissues. A blood test can easily diagnose this condition.

Thyroid Disease

Another important reason for feeling extremely tired all day is thyroid. When the thyroid hormones do not function properly, even the regular activities might make an individual feel tired. Metabolism of an individual slows down with too little thyroid hormone.


This is yet another common cause behind a person feeling tired throughout the day. Depression tends to be a serious illness affecting the sleeping and eating pattern in individuals resulting in an individual feeling extremely tired all the time.


Another health condition which might be the cause of constant fatigue in people is diabetes. Therefore, it is always important for people with diabetes to get this condition treated or managed successfully.

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