What Are The Effects Of Cystic Fibrosis On Vital Organs?

By on August 3, 2013

Cystic Fibrosis is a chronic condition, which can be sometimes life threatening. It occurs in your body as a result of disruption of the CFTR gene.

The defective gene hinders with our body’s ability to transfer water and salt to and from various cells present in our body. The secretion that is usually very thin and watery in nature becomes thick and sticky.

These secretions might clog the pores and organs which causes improper functioning of various organs. This condition can be diagnosed when the baby is in the womb, or during infancy.

There is no proper cure to eliminate the risks associated with this condition. Medicines are usually advised to curb the effect of the spread of bacterial infection in the body.

Effects Of Cystic FibrosisThe effects of cystic fibrosis are usually found on various body parts that are vital for the body’s growth and development.

Effects of cystic fibrosis on every organ:

Effect on Lungs:

When the thick and sticky mucus passes through the passages of the lungs, it gets accumulated over time and blocks the airways. This will result to difficulty in breathing.

The mucus also induces bacterial growth that in turn causes immense infection in the lungs, nose and sinus cavities.

These bacterial infections gradually destroy the lungs which makes it one of the horrifying effects. Some would also develop nasal polyps, which need a surgical procedure to be removed. In worst cases, the only treatment option left is lung transplantation.

Effect on Pancreas:

The effects of cystic fibrosis are severe on the pancreas as it blocks the ducts which prevent the enzymes from reaching the intestine. The intestine in turn is unable to absorb the nutrients like vitamins, fats and proteins that might lead to further complications.

When the pancreas is blocked, the production of insulin is put on hold. This means a high increase in sugar levels and malnutrition that stuns the growth and development.

Effects on Liver & Gall Bladder:

This medical condition causes mucus to block the bile ducts present in the liver and gall bladder which prevents the organs from performing its functions effectively. This in turn would make your body become weaker by every day.

Effect on Intestines:

This can be a life threatening condition as it leads to Meconium Ileus, which occurs in children when the intestines are blocked by mucus produced by this condition.

Effect on Bones:

When an individual has this medical condition, the ability of the body to absorb calcium is prevented. This mineral is much needed by your body to maintain the bone health and the lack of it makes your bone to become weak and prone to breakages. This condition is also called as Osteoporosis and is one among the primary effects of cystic fibrosis.

Effects of cystic fibrosis on Sweat glands:

When a person suffers from this condition, he or she might lose excess salts owing to sweating profusely. This in turn causes weakness, low blood pressure, high amount of heart rate, dehydration, heat stroke, and in most cases, death.

Effect on Reproductive Organs:

Effects of cystic fibrosis are also found on the reproductive organs of both male and female. This condition makes both men and women infertile as the mucus blocks the ducts and prevents the activity of sperm in the testes and also blocks the cervix of females.

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