Testicular Trauma Treatment Options To Opt From

By on August 29, 2016

Testicular trauma or testicular injuries are common in boys and men. Testes are located in scrotum, which hangs outside the body. Due to this position, many times of accidents to testicles is common.

Most of the Testicular injuries are caused due to blunt trauma such as motor cycle accidents, bicycle accidents, got kicked by someone, got hit by some ball, etc.

Swelling, severe pain, and bruising can result due to testicular trauma. In some cases testicular trauma can even result into infertility.

When the testicular injury is minor, then the pain will subside in hour or so. But, it is better to go testicular trauma treatment options, when it is major.

Testicles are spongy in nature and as they loosely attached to the body, most of the collisions are absorbed without causing any serious damage.

Testicular Trauma Treatment

Effective Testicular Trauma Treatment Options

Here are some of the best testicular trauma treatment options that work effectively in healing the pain:

Using Ice Pack

Usage of ice pack is first and foremost thing to do for testicular trauma. Using ice pack on groin for at least 3 to 4 hours will help in reducing the pain.


Using nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory medications is one of the effective testicular trauma treatment options to choose. Nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory medications help in scrotal edema, and also help in reducing testicular trauma pain.

Along with the use of medications, usage of ice pack on swelling is also preferred for pain relief. Antibiotics are also prescribed, when urinary tract infection is caused due to trauma.

Surgical Options

Surgery is opted in case of testicles torsion. Testicles torsion is a condition in which spermatic cord gets twisted due to trauma. This torsion results into blocking of blood flow to testicles causing severe pain, and can even permanently damage the testicular tissues.

Surgery is opted to twist back the spermatic cord to normal position. Surgery is also opted in case of dislocation of testicles, and even in case of testicular rupture.

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