Simple Exercises For Foot Muscle Pain Relief

By on August 10, 2013

Foot muscle pain usually develops as soon as you perform a rigorous physical activity or after long hours of standing or running.

This will cause the muscles in the foot to ache and prevent you from moving from one place to another. The small muscles in the toes help you to maintain your balance while you perform a motion like walking or running.

The foot muscle pain is common among all individuals as foot plays a vital role in your body as it carries our overall body weight, absorb the shock, acts as the lever and balances the mass equally.

You can perform few exercises that are simple to perform and get immense relief from the bothering foot pain and go on with your routine.

Stretching exercises:

Foot muscle painOne of the most common causes for foot muscle pain would be a condition called plantar fasciitis. If you are under such pain, you can get good relief with this exercise.

Sit on a chair to perform this exercise and extend your hands to the front. Now try to hold the toes of your aching foot. Stay in this position holding your toes for a few seconds and then lean back slowly.

Perform this in sets of 12 or 15 and do many sets in a day to get better relief. If you don’t have a chair in the vicinity then you can also sit on the stairs to perform this.

Strengthening exercise:

Norton neuroma is yet another condition that causes foot muscle pain. This condition affects the ball of the toe. This can be reduced with the help of a strengthening exercise.

Try to go on a long walk on the beach sand as it is the best strengthening workout that you can get. This exercise helps you to strengthen your calves, toes and ankles.

Make sure you walk barefooted as it helps you to dig your toes deep into the beach sand with each step and the ankles and calves are stretched in various angles. Skip the daily morning walk and substitute with a beach walk as it is highly helpful to ease the pain.

Rolling the golf ball method:

This is a simple method to relieve you from foot muscle pain. This technique is best if the pain in the muscles is caused by the strain of the arch or having a foot cramp.

Take a golf ball and place it beneath your foot and roll slowly for some time. The curative property of this method is highly helpful as it relieves the pain immediately. Make sure that you repeat this exercise for many times a day.

Toe Raise:

This is also a highly beneficial exercise if you have foot muscle pain caused due to toe cramp or arch pain. Be seated and raise the balls of your feet and next raise your tip toes. Now curl the toes under.

You can also place pens or pencils between your toes and squeeze well. Repeat this thrice a day to get good amount of relief from the ache in your feet.

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