Painful Leg Cramps At Night Causes and Relief Techniques

By on October 10, 2015

What can be more dreadful than nightmares? Well, the answer is leg cramps at night.

Many of us have faced it and it is truly a painful experience.

Some people face this occasionally, while some people face this quite often.

There are some prominent reasons behind painful leg cramps at night.

We shall try to find those reasons and will discuss some of the solutions of painful leg cramps at night in this article.

Causes For Painful Leg Cramps At Night

There are so many causes that researchers and medical experts have identified behind night leg cramp. However, the major cause is lack of hydration in leg muscles. Here are the causes that are discussed in detail:

Painful Leg Cramps At Night

  • Overuse or muscle or injury – Injury to your leg muscle or overuse of leg muscle is surely a cause behind leg muscle camp in the night. Those, who have started exercising after a long time, mostly face this problem.
  • Pregnancy – During pregnancy, a lot of physical imbalances are noted due to hormonal changes. During this time, muscle cramps may happen commonly, especially leg muscle cramp at night.
  • Humid atmosphere in home – If you live in the humid atmosphere at home, it may cause leg muscle cramps during night. Due to humid conditions, we tend to release a lot of water and essential minerals from our muscles. This causes muscle cramp.
  • Too cold atmosphere – When atmosphere is too cold or dry, muscles become dry. As a result cramps occur.

Relieves for Night Leg Cramps

If you are suffering from painful leg cramps at night quite often or occasionally, there are some effective solutions to avoid it.

The solutions are:

  • When leg cramps, simply walk around, or shake your leg. This will help in relieving the cramp.
  • Stretch your muscles regularly so that you remain flexible.
  • When muscle cramp strikes at night, try using cold packs.
  • Applying analgesic pain balms, which can easily found in Pharmacy is also of great help in relief.
  • Taking foods rich in Magnesium like nuts, lentils, etc, and Potassium like banana also helps in preventing leg cramps. Along with this drinking fluids as much as possible will also help in prevention.
  • Take warm shower and relax your muscle for pain relief.

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