4 Natural Dry Winter Skin Remedies You Cannot Ignore

By on December 12, 2014

Most people hate the winter season as it ushers in a period of dry skin problems due to extreme climatic changes and low temperature.

But you can enjoy a great glowing skin this winter season if you use a few natural dry winter skin remedies on a regular basis.

The best thing about these natural dry winter skin remedies is that the ingredients are easily available in your home and are inexpensive in nature.

Natural Dry Winter Skin Remedies

Dry Winter Skin RemediesBelow are a few natural dry winter skin remedies that you cannot ignore.

Massage your dry winter skin with olive oil

A simple, easy way to enjoy a beautiful skin during the winters is massaging it daily with olive oil.

The fatty acids in olive moisturize your dry, parched winter skin and removes the dead cells from the skin surfaces. Olive oil being rich in antioxidant also removes itchiness from your dry skin in no time.

Scrub your skin with pumpkin, ripe papaya and yoghurt

During winters we do not pamper our skin apart from applying thick creams over it. But the dead cells on the skin surface have to be removed. You can reveal your glowing skin by making a home scrub made from Greek yogurt and raw papaya.

Both the ingredients can be mixed in a blender and applied over your body including your face. Once the scrub dries out you can scrub it out using slow circular motion. Once you have cleaned the area with clean fresh water, you would be amazed with the glow in your skin.

Using the ancient healing power of honey

Honey is a natural moisturizer. You can use small portions of honey and apply them over your dry winter skin area. After a few minutes, rinse the area and you would be surprised to feel the soft skin.

You can also use honey with various vegetables like pumpkin to make a body mask. The pumpkin can be made into a smooth mixture and then a few teaspoons of honey be added over it.

Apply the body mask over your dry skin area. After 10 minutes you can remove the body pack using warm tepid water. You would be happy at the healthy glowing skin smiling back at you.

The power of brown sugar

A few tablespoon of brown sugar can be used to which a tablespoon of olive oil is added. This mixture is mixed well and then applied over the dry skin area using a circular motion. The olive oil and brown sugar mixture would remove dryness from your winter dry skin in no time.

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