Myths And Facts On Dehydration, Which You Should Be Aware Of

By on April 21, 2014

Before knowing about the myths and facts on dehydration, let us see what actually is dehydration?

In very simple terms it is the excessive loss of water in our body, or deficiency of body fluids.

Water is very much required for our body, it is necessary for normal functioning of each and every cell in our body.

It helps in proper functioning of our body, controls our body temperature, helps in digestion of the food we take, etc.

There are many many myths about dehydration that are wandering. Here are top 5 myths and actual facts on dehydration.

Myth 1 – Drink 8 Glasses of Water Daily

Myths And Facts On DehydrationFact: This is commonly heard myth about hydrating our body. But, actually is a famous marketing trick of the mineral water companies.

Actually, a person needs 2.5lts to 3lts per day of water intake. And few medical professional even say that there is no need to drink water if that person does not feel thirsty.

Myth 2 – Drink Water As Much As You Can Even When Not Thirsty

Facts on Dehydration: Some people stay that there is nothing like too much water, you can even consume water excessively.

But, in fact this can be sometimes be dangerous and lead a person to coma.

Excessive water intake can result into, Hyponatraemia. This is a condition, in which with excessive water flows in the blood sodium levels get so diluted that it results into swelling and ischemic of cerebral cells. This condition shows that symptoms like nausea, vomiting, confusion, anorexia, seizures, and sometimes coma.

Myth 3 – Are You Thirsty, Then You Are Already Dehydrated

Fact on Dehydration: This is another famous one of the myths on dehydration, but the actual fact is that being thirsty doesn’t mean that your body water levels are at dangerously low level.

Our body shows that sign of being thirsty, when our body water level decreases by 1% if feel thirsty. But, actually when the water level in our body decreases by 2% it is known as mild dehydration and decrease of 5% is dehydration. Even when we consume high salt, or sweet food, it makes us thirsty.

Myth 4 – Don’t Drink Coffee, It Actually Dehydrates

Fact: Actually, coffee doesn’t cause dehydration. Many people think that drinking coffee or tea causes dehydration. But, this is not true. Actually, it was even proved by a study that consuming 2 cups of coffee per day doesn’t cause dehydration. Only that if you take too much of coffee i.e. having 5 cups of coffee can cause dehydration.

Myth 5 – If Exercising, Then Better Consume Energy Drinks

Facts on Dehydration: If is a common feeling that if we are exercising, then it is best to consume energy drinks rather than water for avoiding dehydration. Water is well and fine, if you are exercising for less than an hour. But, only when you are exercising extensively for more than an hour, you will be requiring energy drinks as we loss sodium and electrolytes through our sweat.

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