How To Soften Dry Cracked Heels Naturally?

By on February 11, 2014

Have you got cracked heels? Dry and cracked heels are never sexy! Taking appropriate precautions right away can stop cracks from getting deeper and even causing pain and bleeding.

Read on to get some natural remedies that help recover softer and more attractive feet naturally.

How to soften dry cracked heels naturally?

Soften Dry Cracked Heels Naturally

  • Exfoliating the cracked heels or feet will really help to remove dead skin from dryness. Rice flour is an excellent homemade exfoliating scrub used to soften your foot with minimal effort.
  • Banana works as a great moisturizer and trying out banana as a foot scrub would fetch you maximum results leaving your feet with much smoother and softer skin.
  • The moisturizing properties of cooked or uncooked oatmeal and jojoba oil works effectively in treating dry skin as well as cracked condition.
  • Oils can be the best nourishing agents that help you greatly in smoothing your cracked and dry heels. Gently massaging your heels with warm olive oil, vegetable oil, sesame oil and coconut oil will work miraculously to soften your dry heels.
  • Honey, a natural moisturizer with anti-bacterial properties makes an excellent natural remedy for dry and cracked heels.
  • Mixture of glycerin and rosewater is soothing and can cure your dry cracked heels as early as possible.
  • Keep curd in a cloth and hang it over the affected area for few hours. Now coat the residue to your dry heels and wear cotton socks over it for best results.
  • Using lemon juice foot soak technique also works dramatically to soften your cracked heels.
  • A mixture of paraffin wax and coconut oil helps greatly to keep your dry cracked heels soft and well-moisturized.
  • You can use warm salt water and petroleum jelly on rough and dry skin of your feet to avoid cracked heels and leave your foot soft.

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