Get Fast Headache Relief in Natural Way

By on August 15, 2013

A headache can put a stop to a productive day of your life. It is the most annoying condition that does not allow you to focus on any work tasks.

The pain is so intense that you cannot open your eyes properly, tolerate high pitched noises or read a sheet of the file.

There are many over the counter analgesics available that will give fast headache relief, but they can cause drowsiness, dizziness or take long time to start working within the body.

The next time you have a headache, try the following natural ways to get fast relief from headache.

Natural Ways of Fast Headache Relief

Fast Headache ReliefTake a hot steam:

When there is intense headache, try to take a steam as it is the best way to get rid of all the pain. If the headache is owing to sinus and pressure then steam offers fast headache relief.

Pour boiling water in a bowl and put a towel over your head and bend your head to face into the bowl. Take deep breaths to let the hot steam in. This will reduce the swelling in the sinus cavities.

This will help you get better relief from the throbbing pain. You can also go for hot bath, relax in a sauna.

Place ice packs on the forehead:

Your body is designed to react to extreme temperature changes. This makes your head ache respond to heat treatments like steaming and cold treatments like an ice pack or cold press.

Place a cold pack on your forehead. This will draw the blood away from your head and will help the vessels to become narrower.

You can wet a wash cloth and put in a plastic bag and deep freeze it and place it on your forehead. If the pain is too much, then grab a bag of frozen corn or peas and place it on your head to get good and fast headache relief.

Rest in a dark room:

Another way of fast headache relief naturally is to take rest in a dark room. When you have a headache, facing the lights whether natural sunlight or the electric ones can induce it even further.

So choose a dark place at your home or close all the windows and put the curtains on to make your room dark and lie down. Make sure the room is very dark as it can ease your pain.

Place an ice pack or wet a towel with some apple cider vinegar and place it on your forehead and close your eyes. This is very helpful to control the headache immediately.


Drink a hot cup of tea or coffee as it can help you in fast headache relief. These caffeine drinks have the ability to prevent the blood vessels from swelling. If coffee is not your type, then drink tea. You can also try green tea and other herbal teas.

Cut off the noise:

When you go to take rest make sure that you lock the door and have the music system, or television switched off to have a quiet atmosphere. You can also inform your family members to be quiet till you rest.

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