Effective Heat Illness Treatment Options To Follow

By on May 21, 2016

Heat illness or heat stroke is the result of the body getting overheated due to prolonged physical exertion or exposure to high temperatures.

Heat illness can be very serious and might take place if the temperature of the body rises above 104 F or even higher. It is therefore important to provide emergency treatment for this condition.

Heat stroke or heat illness, if left untreated can result in brain damage and damage of the muscles, kidneys and even the heart.

If heat illness treatment is delayed, the damage can worsen further increasing the chances of serious complications and even death. The signs of heat illness include seizures, nausea, disorientation, loss of consciousness and confusion.

Heat Illness Treatment Options

Some of the best heat illness treatment options to follow for effective treatment are included below:

Heat Illness Treatment

Immersing In Cold Water

Taking a bath in cold water can help in lowering the temperature of the body. This is one of the most effective treatments for heat illness. Immersing the body in cold water or spraying cold water on the body can serve to be very effective in treating heat illness.

Evaporation Cooling Procedure

In place of immersion, evaporation cooling procedure for lowering the temperature of the body can also be used. This procedure involves misting cool water on the skin and fanning warm air on the body resulting in the evaporation of water and in skin cooling.

Packing With Cooling Blankets And Ice

Another great and effective heat illness treatment option is applying ice packs and wrapping the patient in cooling blanket. The ice packs need to be applied on the neck, the armpits, the groin and the back for lowering the temperature of the body.

Muscle Relaxants

Muscle relaxants or drugs like benzodiazepines can be given to the patient if the patient’s body temperature is not dropping with the use of alternative treatments. Muscle relaxants prevent the body from shivering in response to the cold treatments.

Ayurvedic Treatment

There are some Ayurvedic remedies that can also prove to be very effective in treating heat illness and these include a juice made using ripe tamarind and green mango pulp; roasted raw mango and onions.

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