Know About The Most Common Diseases That Cause Dizziness

By on June 11, 2014

Dizziness is the most common symptom that everyone experience for many reasons at one time or another. This is an unwanted feeling making you feel unbalance, faintness, etc.

In medical history, almost all the diseases have the effect of dizziness as a major symptom.

Doctors often get the complaint of dizziness or lightheadedness from patients. They have listed certain diseases that make you feel woozy and unsteady.


People dealing with inner ear problems such as labyrinthitis, meniere’s disease can make you feel unconscious and this condition is termed as vertigo.

Diseases That Cause DizzinessThe feeling of dizziness is more and sometimes worse whenever you move your head. This happens due to loss of balance in the inner ear mechanism.

Blood Circulation

Blood circulation!!! Do you know what happens when there is reduced flow of blood supply to the brain?

If you are experiencing faintness or lightheadedness for no reason during your work periods or when you stand up, lack of blood circulation to your brain could be the main reason.

Possible causes of this condition include low blood pressure, irregular heart rhythms, certain medications and anemia.

Stress and Anxiety

Feeling stressed or anxious about certain things will increase your symptoms of dizziness thus making you more tensed and irritated. In such condition, you may also experience feeling of vomiting and nausea along with dizziness.

Vestibular Disorders

Vestibular disorders characterized by loss of balance over three main sensory systems such as vision, ear and proprioception (touch sensors in spine, trunk and feet) triggers dizziness that is problematic.

Chronic subjective dizziness is a clinical syndrome, another possible cause of constant dizziness. This may happen with no history of any medical illness.

People with Chronic subjective dizziness along with hypersensitivity are at worse situation like the one may feel unconscious even to certain visual environments, visual motions like movie, visual talks and patterns.

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