Know The Causes For Eye Twitch And Tips For Stopping

By on March 18, 2015

Eye twitches generally stop all by themselves, but if you are looking out for the methods of stopping eye twitches then it is essential for you to look out for the causes.

Eye twitches can easily be stopped by making lifestyle changes, eliminating stress, taking in less alcohol and caffeine, getting rest and by relaxing.

Causes of Eye Twitch

Have a look at the main causes for eye twitch


Caffeine has an interesting role to play in triggering the condition called myokoma or eye twitch. If you find that your eye twitches continuously in circumstances when you have more caffeine then you must take it as the main cause of your problem.

Causes For Eye Twitch

Eye Fatigue

Working on the computer for a very long time might also result in eye twitches because of the fact that your eyes get too tired to work further. This type of twitching generally stops when you have some rest. Squinting can also result in eye twitches which should be dealt with in the best way possible.

Hemi Facial Spasms

Hemi facial spasms result in the defect of facial nerves and they might cause twitching as well. Apart from these causes for eye twitch there are other causes that might also result in eye twitch and they include eye strain or dry eye, allergies, anxiety or stress and insomnia or lack of proper sleep.

Tips That Can Help In Stopping Eye Twitch

There are a number of tips that can be used in stopping eye twitches. You can stop your eyes from twitching very often by including good amount of magnesium in your diet because lack of magnesium is one of the most common causes of eye twitch.

You can even go for potassium, vitamins and B complex diet supplements. Botox injections can also be of good help in treating the condition.

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