5 Effective Blackhead Home Remedies

By on January 9, 2015

Blackheads are basically bumps penetrating the pores of the facial skins and they are usually black in color.

Blackheads are also known as a common acne type named acne vulgaris.

Blackheads are caused due to the formation of excess oils in the tubes of sebaceous glands and the black color is because of the oxidization of sebum and keratin.

Blackhead Home Remedies

Have a look at these best and effective blackhead home remedies, which you can try at home.

Blackhead Home Remedies

Oatmeal Face Pack

You can easily make a face pack using powdered oatmeal, honey and natural yogurt. This face pack must be used on the facial skin on a regular basis for at least ten to fifteen minutes and the results would be prominent just within a few days.

Milk and Fresh Juice of Lemon

You can mix milk with fresh juice of lemon and apply this mixture on your face. This can help you in getting rid of dirt accumulated in the pores.

Lemon juice contains citric acid while milk has good proportions of lactic acid and these ingredients effectively help in breaking down skin impurities.

Buttermilk and Nutmeg Powder Paste

Try making a paste by mixing buttermilk and nutmeg powder. This mixture should be rubbed on the facial skin in the form of a scrub.

Buttermilk helps in loosening dead skin and in its removal while nutmeg powder works in the form of an exfoliating agent and removes excess oil.

Clay Mask

Clay mask is the very effective method of rejuvenating dead skin and at the same time this method also helps in warding off blackheads. Use facial clay of your choice and mix the clay with fruit vinegar or water and then apply it on your facial skin.

Allow the mask to dry and then wet it using cloth or damp sponge. Next, rinse it off using cold water. If you use this mask on a regular basis, it will definitely help you with the removal of blackheads.

Baking Soda

Baking soda works in the form of a cleansing agent and it is very effective in unclogging pores for the removal of blackheads.

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