5 Easy Tips For How to Fix Heat Stroke

By on May 7, 2015

You can easily learn how to fix heat stroke if you know the complications caused due to heat stroke.

Heat stroke or sun stroke is very dangerous and it can even cause permanent damage.

It is a condition where the thermostat of the body stops working due to overheating.

Heat stroke not only occurs from over exposure to the sun but it can also be caused due to extreme conditions of heat in the environment.

There are various tips that can be used in fixing heat stroke.

How To Fix Heat Stroke

If you want to gain instant results then know these important tips on how to fix heat stroke:

How To Fix Heat Stroke

Cool Yourself Down

Try cooling yourself down by removing your clothing and covering your body with a very thin cloth. The sheet needs to be drenched in cold water continuously.

You also need to be careful about not reducing the temperature anywhere less than 39 degrees or 102 F as this might cause a sudden shock. There are other cooling measures like ice towels and fans that can also be applied.

Stay Hydrated

If you are going through a heat stroke then it is essential that you keep your body hydrated. But then, remember not to drink alcohol or caffeine because these drinks might aggravate your problem.

Take A Cool Bath

You can opt for taking a cool bath or shower immediately. This will help in reducing the effect of heat on your body. You can even go for a sponge bath as this tends to be relaxing for the body.

Avoid Medications

If you are suffering from heat stroke, try avoiding medicines because there are some medicines that will do nothing but make your condition worse.

Medicines used for fever such as acetaminophen or aspirin should never be used. These are harmful and might even increase bleeding.

Stay Calm

Staying clam will not only help your body in recovering from a heat stroke but will also relax the entire body. Try breathing deeply as this helps in minimizing agitation.

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