Trying to Conceive Twins Naturally? Tips for Improving Your Chances

By on September 27, 2013

You know!!!! Only 1 out of 89 child births is twins. Having twins is such a great experience and so many couples are there who find themselves really in desire of twins.

Your chances of conceiving twins are more if earlier twins run in your family, but if your family doesn’t have twins and you really want, then there are some natural ways that you can try for getting twins.

1. Be Prepared:

If you want to conceive twins naturally, the first thing you need to do is to be prepared for getting pregnant and child birth. Raising twins could be a very difficult job, so proper preparation is required from couple.

Conceive Twins Naturally TipsAnd also as a woman, you should be able to carry two babies. Physical fitness is necessary to carry the twins. Taller and healthier females have more chances to give birth to twins when compared to others.

2. Folic Acid:

So many studies have been suggested that there is a link between twins and folic acid. Women who take the folic acid while they are trying to conceive have almost 40% of chances to conceive twins. Taking folic acid is a good idea for woman who is trying to conceive.

3. Managing Diet:

Taking good diet is one of the most effective and popular ways to conceive twin babies. Eat lot of dairy products like yogurt, buttermilk, curd and milk. Dairy products help in producing multiple eggs by ovaries, which ultimately increase the chance of conceiving twins.

Also eating wild yams and cassava root can also increase your chances. Eat cereals, legumes, leafy vegetables, grains, which help in conceiving twins naturally by increasing folic acid intake.

4. Know The Timing:

Conceiving shortly after stopping hormonal birth control drugs is also helpful. This method is not a surefire for having twins, but for some women, ovaries release more eggs when they stopped taking birth control pills, which in turn raise the chances of conceiving twins.

5. Gain Weight:

Actually adding a bit weight to your body could help you. But do not eat whatever you want because excess weight is also a cause for infertility. Women who are fatty than normal BMI, are more likely to conceive twins naturally as compared to other women.

6. Plan in your 30s:

It has been founded that woman who waited for advanced maternal age have more chances of conceiving twin babies naturally, due to the changes that occur in the pre-menopause stage. These hormonal changes may cause multiple eggs to be released.

Mostly this occurs after 35 years. However women in this age group have fewer chances to get pregnant.

7. Get Pregnant While Breastfeeding:

It is well known thing that women do not ovulate while they are breastfeeding. But according to few studies breastfeeding period have 9 times more chances to conceive twins compared to normal time.

8. Increase the intake of dairy products:

According to the recent study, women who consume dairy products five times a day are more likely to conceive twins than women who don’t. Consuming milk or other dairy products from the cows that are treated with growth hormones can increase your chances of having twins.

9. Depending on your genes:

Most women just feel to be lucky enough to become pregnant with twins naturally, without trying it hard. Those are the women who have activated twin gene in their DNA. It makes you ovulate more than one egg during the ovulation period.

10. Give enough gap prior the next conception:

Giving enough gap before the next conception will increase the chances of conceiving twins. You should try as much as possible to have twins with enough space in the conception period. Don’t rush into conception every year. This can ruin the chances of giving birth to twins.

Whatever the result, the above tips must be followed wholeheartedly. Fate of a person and her body structure can influence the chances of conceiving twins.

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