Top Myths and Facts about Chemotherapy for Cancer

By on November 6, 2013

Chemotherapy is a common treatment method for cancer. In the course of chemotherapy, patients are given drugs that destroy malignant cells and invert the growth rate of cancers.

Chemotherapy Myths and Facts

Chemotherapy treatment is progressed profoundly in the last 30 years, but misconception regarding chemotherapy for cancer treatment will make you feel confused when selecting a treatment. Find out the facts so that you can feel more comfortable and practical with your cancer treatment.

Top myths about chemotherapy for cancer:

When my doctor wants me to begin chemotherapy it must signify that I am terminally sick:

Nowadays health professionals suggest chemotherapy to cancer patients for preventive reasons where chemotherapy is usually combined with surgery as well as radiation and will not indicate that you are extremely sick.

I should spend a lot of time in the hospital in doing my chemotherapy treatment:

Chemotherapy Myths and Facts

The majority of patients start their chemotherapy session by morning hours and can get done by afternoon or evening. They need not to spend a whole day in the hospital.

I am going to be sick and nauseous for a long time:

Each and every person has a unique tolerance level, while vomiting and nausea are the most common side effects, not everybody is suffering from them. These side effects start a day or two following your first chemotherapy treatment. They slowly reduce as time passes.

I will lose all my hair once I start chemotherapy:

Chemotherapy Myths and Facts

Chemotherapy will not always cause hair loss in patients. Chemotherapy will involve drugs that cause hair to thin as well as fall out, but many people experience no hair loss.

Chemo will affect my entire life:

The drastic side effects that most individuals experience many years ago are not as common today, thanks to medical advancements. Fatigue is the most common side-effect and may vary significantly from one person to another.

I won’t conceive during my chemotherapy treatment.

It is advisable not to get pregnant while having chemotherapy session as the chemotherapy may affect the fetus. But getting pregnant is possible when you complete all your chemotherapy treatments.

Top facts about chemotherapy for cancer:

Chemotherapy Myths and Facts

  • Chemotherapy is one of the most common methods for treating cancer. It is available in two forms like anti-cancer and cell-killing.
  • Chemotherapy medications travel from the blood vessels, where they come in contact with cancer cells and also kill them.
  • There is usually hundreds of chemotherapy medications that are used based on the form of cancer being treated.
  • For each and every session, a different bloodstream is used for giving injections.
  • Once administered, a blood vessel is not used again for the next session as it will become harder.
  • A patient experience weakness following every chemotherapy session for a period of 4-5 days. Usually the 3rd and the 4th day are the days when the individuals experience more weakness.
  • Chemotherapy poses a risk for infertility in men and women, heart, nerve damage, kidney and lung problems.
  • After chemotherapy, experts recommend you to follow proper hygienic measures like cleaning your hands, flushing the toilet twice, washing bed sheets and using a condom while doing sexual intercourse.
  • Nutrition before, during and after chemotherapy session is essential for the health of the patient. It is very important to develop the body strength by choosing a healthy and balanced diet, which includes proteins, carbohydrates, water and vitamins.

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