Pregnancy Week 9 – Information, Symptoms, Baby Growth, And Tips

By on May 22, 2014

Congrats, you have entered 9th week of your pregnancy and sweet news is that you are getting closer to your bundle of joy for every week by week!!

Pregnancy Week 9 Information

During pregnancy at 9 weeks you may still not appear as pregnant to others. You will experience symptoms like fatigue, morning sickness, back pain, headaches, and some may even experience mood swings. You will notice that your waistline has thickened.

Along with you, your baby will also be changing itself rapidly during pregnancy at week 9. During this week your baby will be the size of a green olive. Neck of the baby has developed more than the last week, and the head will be erect.

During the ultrasound scan you can even see the movements of the baby. Do you want to know what is happening with your baby and your body during this week? Read on to know week 9 pregnancy information.

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