5 Effective Natural Treatments for Overcoming Constipation

By on November 20, 2013

Every part in your body sends you signal to move your bowels but you will face difficulty in movements so that you feel uncomfortable and bloated. Nothing happens if you try to pass stool but hurts. This problem is said to be constipation.

Constipation Natural Treatments

It may occur due to various reasons like diet, stress, and certain medications, lack of exercise, artificial sweeteners and many more. Even some medical conditions can cause constipation such as diabetes, irritable bowel syndrome, cancer, under active thyroid etc.

Constipation usually happens when bowel movements are compacted, difficult and delayed. There are chances to treat it by understanding the basics of constipation based on severity of condition. Here are some natural treatments through which constipation may respond to treat.

Intake of adequate water through water rich foods:

Intake of adequate water helps you in passing soft tools that reach rectal pouch otherwise you will not get enough moisture to pass stools without any discomfort. Foods that are rich in water content include raw-vegetables, fresh fruits and steamed vegetables.

Constipation Natural Treatments - Water Rich Foods

These water rich foods can help to bring the soft stools to reach large colon followed by rectal pouch and then the water gets absorbed into the blood.

Intake of fiber rich foods:

A little extra fiber in your diet helps you to ensure regular and soft stools. Fiber is an indigestible part of plant foods that adds up mass to the feces and stimulates colon to pass the things along.

Constipation Natural Treatments - Fiber Rich Foods

Fiber-rich foods include grains and beans, fruits and vegetables etc. One thing you should remember is chicken, fish, meat and fats contain no fiber.

Regular exercise:

If you are suffering with constipation and bowel movements are sluggish then regular exercise may help to speed up things and pass soft stools. Regular exercise is an essential thing to improve regular bowel movements.

Constipation Natural Treatments - Regular exercise

Time taken by food to move from large intestine is reduced by doing regular exercise. Thus, limit the water that is absorbed in to the blood from stool. Some physical activity supports in contraction of intestinal muscles which helps efficiently to pass stools fast.

Avoid certain substances that cause constipation:

Constipation Natural Treatments - Avoid Triggering Foods

Opioids and synthetic nutritional supplements are the most commonly used things which lead to constipation.

Ensure Adequate Intake Of Healthy Fats:

Constipation Natural Treatments - Healthy Fats

Intake of healthy fats is essential to ensure optimal bowel function. Foods that contain healthy fats are oily fish, olives, avocados, organic eggs, nuts etc.

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