Home Remedies For Common Cold In Children

By on December 26, 2013

Cold!! Whenever the child gets cold, parents gets worry and they are very eager to try all the available medicines. But doctors say usually cold takes 7-10 days by its course and intake of medicine at the age of below two years is danger and they may not work properly.

So, some home remedies are suggested which are not meant to cure them but to make them feel comfort. Why don’t you try some home remedies to make your child feel better and comfortable while suffering with runny nose?

Beneficial home remedies for common cold in children:


Give your child as much fluids as possible as they work effective against the congestion.

Common Cold Home Remedies - Fluids

Fluids such as water, fruit drinks, juices, and sport drinks keep away from dehydration and always keep your throat moist. Drink at least 8 glasses of water daily.

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