Healthy Snacks Recipes for This Halloween

By on October 29, 2013

Are you looking for festive and healthy snacks and appetizers for this Halloween party? Here is some haunting Halloween party food which is healthy hits your desire.

Monster Eyes

Monster eyes will be the kid-friendly food which is healthy and festive. It gives you traditional taste of sausage balls.

Halloween Healthy Snacks Recipes - Monster Eyes

On Halloween morning, this will definitely be the fun breakfast treat. It gets the spooky look by placing stuffed olives in the center of monsters.

Mummy Dogs

Halloween Healthy Snacks Recipes - Mummy Dogs

Mummy dogs are one of the most famous Halloween spreads which are healthy and also the kids’ favorite food item. A thin strip of crescent roll dough is wrapped around hot dogs. Bake it and have it with yummy ketchup or mustard.

Blood and Bones

Halloween Healthy Snacks Recipes - Blood and Bones

Blood and bones is the popular food in the Halloween parties. Bread stick dough is healthy and festive which is available in strips. People like to have with bloody marinara to get the classy taste. Just sprinkle the garlic to experience the extra flavor.

Cheesy Fingers

Halloween Healthy Snacks Recipes - Cheesy Fingers

A cheesy finger is the kid friendly snack food. There will be no kid, who doesn’t like cheesy fingers. Cheesy fingers are chopped into half part to make kid-sized pieces. Silver almonds add more taste to the string cheese.

Deviled Green Goblin Eggs

Halloween Healthy Snacks Recipes - Deviled Green Goblin Eggs

Deviled green goblin eggs are super child friendly food in Halloween parties. It will give spooky look to your guests and traditional taste.

Pumpkin Cheese Ball

Halloween Healthy Snacks Recipes - Pumpkin Cheese Ball

Pumpkin cheese ball is most popular food in Halloween parties which is nutritious and healthy. It consists of cheddar cheese, cream cheese and hint of paprika which makes the food more delicious. Before serving just add broccoli stalk to give it a pumpkin look.

Hot Spiced Cider

Halloween Healthy Snacks Recipes - Hot Spiced Cider

It is the fall favorite food in Halloween spreads. It is made with warm mixture of molasses, lemon juice and apple cider. It is a delicious appetizer spiced with cinnamon sticks and whole cloves to add more taste.

Trash Mix

Halloween Healthy Snacks Recipes - Trash Mix

One will get their favorite tastes and flavors in trash mix which is a fun starter in Halloween party. It is fruity, sour, gummy, sweet and salty in taste. It will be the childhood favorite food for children.

Apple Bobbing Punch

Halloween Healthy Snacks Recipes - Apple Bobbing Punch

Try this appetizer which is tasty and healthy in traditional Halloween party. Serve delicious and tasty blend of orange juice, cranberry juice, apple cider and more with crab apples to get the extra flavors.

Pumpkin Sammies

Halloween Healthy Snacks Recipes - Pumpkin Sammies

Pumpkin sammies is the great food in Halloween spreads because it satisfies and pleases both adults and kids. It is something special staple. Fill it with peanut butter, cheese or cream and orange colored jam for attracting kiddos. To attract grown-ups add chicken salad to the recipe.

Carrot Finger Food

Halloween Healthy Snacks Recipes - Carrot Finger Food

Hungry goblins will love getting their hands on crunchy carrot snacks. Take five carrots that can represent your finger sizes. Cut them in the form as such to look like fingers. Take sliced almonds to stick at the top of the carrots that can represent like a nail. Take softened cream cheese and dip those carrots into the cheese that can represent our five fingers. For children, you can use baby carrots.

Halloween Healthy Snacks Recipes – Veggie Skeleton

Halloween Healthy Snacks Recipes - Veggie Skeleton

This is a healthy candy alternative for kids. Usually children like the idea of eating these lifeless bones. They consume more veggies than usual, which is a healthy snack with added entertainment.

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