First Aid Heart Attack Treatment – Know What To Do

By on June 5, 2015

Eating all kinds of junk foods, unhealthy habits like cigarette smoking and alcohol consumption, no exercise, stress and no rest at all are some of the major factors which are experienced by busy people in their daily lives.

People might be well aware of the fact that an unhealthy lifestyle can have an adverse effect on the health of an individual. One such health problem associated with unhealthy lifestyle is heart attack.

First Aid Heart Attack Treatment

The coronary arteries turn stiff due to the buildup of proteins which are derived from the intake of food. Blockage of more than one coronary artery can result in a heart attack. First aid heart attack treatment is very important and every individual must be aware of this treatment.

Steps For First Aid Heart Attack Treatment


First Aid Heart Attack Treatment - Response

The first thing that you should do in providing first aid heart attack treatment for a patient is feeling for proper response. This can be done by gently touching the casualty on the shoulders, cheek or the hand.

Make the person to sit down, and rest calmly. And also loosen the clothes of the patient, if they are tight. Post this, the immediate thing that you should do is look out for help. You should not get engrossed in treating the patient but, call out for help first.


First Aid Heart Attack Treatment - Medications

If the person having heart attack is conscious, ask for whether the person takes any prescribed medications like aspirin or nitroglycerin. If yes, help the person to take medications. If the pain is not relieved in 3 minutes after taking medication, call for emergency medical assistance.

Listen Or Feel For Normal Patterns of Breathing

With a heart attack, you might listen or feel abnormal sounds of breathing and these indicate that the patient requires urgent attention. You must check for normal sounds of breathing by placing your hand on the patient’s chest and bringing your ear towards his or her mouth.

First Aid Heart Attack Treatment - CPR

If the patient’s breath is normal then try placing him in recovery position. If the breathing pattern is abnormal then you should start CPR or cardio pulmonary resuscitation.

When Patient Is Unconscious

If the person experiencing heart attack is unconscious or unresponsive to the above steps, then you should immediately call emergency medical assistance, and then will begin CPR.

First Aid Heart Attack Treatment - Emergency Services

But, it is advised to do only chest compressions, but not mouth to mouth rescue breathing if you are not trained with CPR. One more important thing to remember that never drive a person experiencing heart attack to hospital. Waiting for emergency services to arrive is advisable.

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