Eating Packaged Foods? Just Go Through This Before Doing So

By on March 6, 2014

Most students and working couples living alone mostly prefer to have packaged foods because of their busy schedules, but surgeons warn against this trend.

Generally, preservatives are used to sustain constant freshness of the products and to prevent growth of pathological microorganisms. But, do you know that preservatives may also potentially harm our long-term health.

Health hazards of packaged foods:

Packaged Foods Health Hazards

Botulinum Bacteria

The main danger in packaged foods is growth of botulinum bacteria which may cause poisoning botulinin. Symptoms of poisoning include convulsions, dazed eyes and throat becomes stiff which results in death due to difficulty breathing.


A new research involves BPA is negatively affecting not only the health condition of those who ate BPA-laden food but also of 4 generations of their off-springs.

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