Blood Pressure Monitoring Apps For Android Phones

By on February 20, 2014

Blood pressure is a silent killer and often it is the main precursor of many serious illnesses including heart attack, stroke, arterial disease and more.

Most people having high blood pressure are often unaware of their situation, which is very hard to detect without any constant monitoring.

The good news is that few changes in lifestyle and diet can decrease blood pressure. The hardest thing is to get started. You can create these changes one step at a time, and even at your own place. So why not give the following blood pressure apps a try?

1. iBP Blood Pressure

iBP Blood Pressure

This is a best blood pressure tracking and analyzing tool uses color icons to show when your BP values are high, normal or hypertension.

It even delivers interactive graphs which let you to display your records by weeks, months, and year and also time of the day. It has backup and restore capability that is used to make improvements in your condition.

iBP Blood Pressure

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