7 Best Ways Of Getting Rid Of Male Breasts

By on August 12, 2015

Male breasts are also called male boobs. This is basically a cosmetic condition found in many men. The medical name for this condition is Gynecomastia.

This condition does not have any health risks but it can always take a toll on the sex and social life of a guy. It can also harm a guy’s self-confidence and self-esteem.

Getting rid of male breasts can be done with change in lifestyle habits like maintain proper diet and diet in mild cases. Where as in severe cases, surgery is opted as a method of treated.

Options For Getting Rid Of Male Breasts

Have a look at natural and medical ways of getting rid of male breasts, which have proved effective in treating.

Getting Rid Of Male Breasts

Interval Training

Interval training is one of the most effective ways that can help an individual in getting rid of male breasts. It is a type of training that boosts an individual’s metabolism and helps in burning chest fat at a very fast pace.

Interval training involves doing intense exercise for shorter period and then doing less intense exercise for longer period.


Excessive fat stored in chest region is the main cause of male breasts and this can easily be handled by getting into the habit of walking on a regular basis. Walking helps in burning calories which will eventually help in doing away with male breasts.


Doing Push-ups is also one of the best ways of getting rid of Male Breasts. This exercise helps in building upper chest muscles.

Thereby, with this exercise chest muscle gets tightened and male breasts also get reduced. Apart from building upper chest muscles, it is also a good cardio workout.

Regular and Balanced Diet

A lot of men turn to the habit of taking regular and balanced diet in order to get rid of male breasts. Men do this because they are of the view that regular diet will result in fat loss which will ultimately help in reducing excessive fat from the chest area.

Including low fat diet helps in speeding up metabolism and helps in burning calories. Having balanced diet for male breast reduction is the most effective way, which is often advised by doctors.

Fixing Posture

Men who are used to working at the computer throughout the day can suffer from the problem of the chest muscles getting tightened resulting in slouching shoulders. This is the reason why it is important for men to practice a proper sitting posture that will not make the boobs look worse.

Taking Breast Reduction Pills

Breast reduction pills are the best help for men suffering from the embarrassing condition of having male breasts. These pills are quite helpful in reducing fat cells that accumulate in mammary glands.

Medications that are used for treating breast cancer known as tamoxifen (Soltamox) and raloxifene (Evista) can be used for treating male breast enlargement. Even though, these medications have FDA approval for treating breast cancer etc.., they are not approved for treating male breast enlargement.

Going For Surgical Approach

In severe cases of male breast enlargement, it is advisable to go for surgical approach. Mastectomy and Liposuction surgeries can be used for getting rid of male breasts.

Mastectomy surgery involves in removal of breast gland tissues.This surgery is done endoscopically, which surgery is done by make just a small incision. This surgery is actually used for treating breast cancer, where the cancerous breast gland tissues are removed.

Another surgery which is used for removal of male breasts enlargement is liposuction. But, this surgery helps in only removing fat from breast, not removing breast gland tissues. So, this surgery is useful only in case of male breast enlargement caused due to accumulation fat content in breast, but not due to extra growth of breast tissues in men.

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