5 Easy Ways To Get Rid of Hiccups At Home

By on January 8, 2015

Hiccups generally occur when the diaphragm convulses and results in involuntary gulping of air by an individual.

This unexpected air intake is not taken by the body and it shuts down the throat at the glottis.

At Home Ways To Get Rid of Hiccups

There are a number of Ways To Get Rid of Hiccups and here are some easy ways, which you can try at home.

Swallowing Sugar

Ways To Get Rid of  Hiccups - Swallowing Sugar

You can get rid of your hiccups instantly by swallowing some sugar. This method works because the dry sugar granules stimulate the nerve and thus reset the irritated nerve back in position. You can also eat peanut butter to get instant relief from hiccups.

Liquid Remedies

Ways To Get Rid of  Hiccups - Liquid Remedies

The most famous hiccup remedies include drinking water is strange patterns and ways. The cure that works is drinking water by holding the breath.

You can also drink water in twenty to twenty-five small sips as this is also considered one of the most effective Ways To Get Rid of Hiccups.

If these remedies do not work then you can try drinking water while standing on the head or bending over. This is obviously strange but it is said to work for many people.

Absurd Remedies

Ways To Get Rid of  Hiccups - Absurd Remedies

There are certain absurd remedies to get rid of hiccups and they certainly work as well but they are sure to bring a laugh.

Try doing somersaults, running in circles, walking or squawking like a chicken, singing without breathing, pulling the tongue for at least a minute, pressing the eyeballs, pinching the skin and tapping the forehead.

These are absurd remedies which might not produce results but you will definitely get a chance to amuse yourself.

Gently Massage Your Mouth

Ways To Get Rid of  Hiccups - Gently Massage Your Mouth

You can also get rid of hiccups by massaging your mouth gently. Massaging manipulates the endings of the nerve present on the roof of your mouth and this helps in dealing with hiccups quickly.

Breathing Remedies

Ways To Get Rid of  Hiccups - Breathing Remedies

Another at home way to get rid of hiccups is through holding your breath. Try holding your breath for at least 10 seconds and this will definitely help you in warding off your hiccups.

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