16 Health Tips For Rainy Season To Keep In Mind

By on July 11, 2015

Rainy season comes as a great relief from the soaring temperatures and scorching heat. The rains serve as great refreshment for each and every living thing in the environment.

However, with great relief also come various types of dangerous and debilitating diseases. The rainy season serves host to a number of diseases such as food poisoning, jaundice, malaria, typhoid and many more.

Older people and children are the most common victims to these infections. This is because they do not have strong immunity levels. This is the reason why it is important to look out for health tips for rainy season.

Health Tips for Rainy Season

Some of the effective health tips for rainy season that you need to keep in mind have been enumerated below:

Health Tips For Rainy Season

1. Avoid Dehydration

There are many people who are of the view that there is no need of drinking water during the rainy season. However, this is a completely wrong notion among people. Water helps the body in releasing heat and even avoids the digestive system from getting weak.

2. Proper Diet Is Important

The digestive system of a human being works at a very slow pace during the rainy season. Therefore, it is always good to light on moderate food. People must also make it a point to eat only when they feel hungry.

This will help in the prevention of digestive problems. Eating vegetables and fresh fruits like apples, pears and bitter gourd can always work wonders.

3. Fill Your Body With Vitamin C

Taking good quantity of Vitamin C will help you to keep away from Cold. Catching cold is one common disease, to with a person can get affected to in rainy season.

Of course, still there is a debate going on about the effectiveness of Vitamin C on Cold. However, providing sufficient amount of Vitamin C will help your antibodies to act on Cold virus.

4. Eat More Veggies

One of the important health tips for rainy season is to include more veggies to diet. During rainy season, our immunity power decreases. Vegetables are full of nutrients, which helps our body in improving our immunity power and fighting with the cold and flu effectively.

5. Have A Bowl Of Hot Soup

Another important rainy season health tip to consider is to have hot soup minced with garlic. It keeps you away from cold and flu, and also keeps you warm and refreshed. Having hot soup after getting soaked in rain, makes your body warm and also clears your nose and throat.

6. Sip A Cup Of Hot Tea

Having a hot cup of tea during rainy season will make you feel refreshed and also keeps you away from cold and throat infections. You can add body warming ingredients such as ginger, cloves, or basil leaves to tea. Having an herbal tea is even more effective.

7. For Non-Vegetarians

It is best to avoid non-vegetarian food during rainy season. You can have chicken or meat, but not fish and prawns. However, if you crave to eat sea food, make sure to eat only fresh fish or prawns.

8. Avoid Street Foods

One of the most important health tips for rainy season is to avoid eating street foods. Street side foods as cooked in open air, they are prone to get in contact air-borne and water-borne diseases and bacteria. So, make sure to avoid street food, and eat fresh home-cooked foods.

9. Smoke Less

If you are smoker, then is best to cut-down the number of cigarettes you smoke. However, it is always good to quit smoking for health. With smoking, respiratory system of the body gets weakened. So, smokers are at higher risk to diseases during rainy season.

10. Cut-down Alcohol Intake

It is also good to cut-down the intake of alcohol. Consuming alcohol dehydrates your body and also reduces immunity power. Reducing the alcohol intake make your body less prone to rainy season communal diseases.

11. Maintain Clean Hands

Make sure to clean your hands regularly. Having dirty hands can make an easy way for cold and flu bacteria to enter our body. And it is also been proved medically that cold and flu bacteria enter our body through dirty hands. So, it is best to keep your hands clean by washing regularly or with the help of sanitizer.

12. Shower After Socked In Rain

It is good to have a shower after getting soaked in rain. Soaking in rain lowers the body temperature. Having a shower, after getting socked in rain, helps in stabilizing our body temperature. Moreover, it also protects you from infections.

13. Sleep Well

One of the important health tips for rainy season is that to have good night sleep. There are people who find it difficult to sleep during the monsoons owing to constant thunder. You can make use of some natural diffuser oils that can help you in sleeping in a comfortable manner.

14. Exercise

Doing exercise regularly keep your body fit and healthy. Exercise keeps your body and sweats out the bacteria from your body. During rainy, it may not be possible to exercise outside. So, best stick to some indoor exercises like stretches, squats, lunges, yoga, Pilates, etc.

15. Effective Use of Rain Gear

A rain boot and a rain coat are important things to be used during the rainy season. You must make sure to carry rain gear along with you whenever you are leaving your house during the monsoons. This way you can protect your body from harmful bacteria.

16. Do Not Use Water Containers

Water containers serve as ideal breeding grounds for insects like mosquitoes during the monsoons and this turns out to be the main cause of malaria. Therefore, it is not a good idea to use water containers during the rainy season.

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