What Causes Red Irritated Eyes? Here Are The 10 Most Common Causes

By on April 22, 2014

We have all experienced red irritated eyes at one time or another affecting one or both the eyes.

It is the common complaint and can even be annoying, which is the result of several reasons. However, some may be serious conditions to know.

Let Us See What Causes Red Irritated Eyes

  1. Infection is the most common and serious cause of red irritated eyes. Infections that lead to red eye are inflammation of follicles of eyelashes, inflammation of uvea and corneal ulcers.
  2. A quick increase in eye pressure results in pain causing acute glaucoma, which is another more serious cause of red eye.
    What Causes Red Irritated Eyes

  3. Conjunctivitis is the common culprit in causing red irritated eyes. When conjunctiva gets infected, blood vessels get irritated and give the eye a red or pink look. Actually, a reddish-pink eye is the revealing symptom of conjunctivitis.
  4. Red irritated eyes often described as ‘allergy eyes’. It has got that name as red eye, which is the main indicator of any allergic reaction. Histamines released while battling against culprit allergens make your eyes red and watery.
  5. Contact lenses!!! Yes, over-wearing or not taking proper care of your contact lenses may create irritating surface deposits on your eyes causing red eyes.
  6. People who lack sleep may also experience red eyes.

  7. At times, red eyes are the common concern if you have a serious problem like Blepharitis. It is an inflammatory ocular condition that causes itching and irritated eyes.
  8. Red irritated eyes can also be a common symptom of chronic dry eye. Dry eye syndrome occurs when your tear glands do not release correct quantity of tears making your eyes feel dry and red.
  9. Experiencing any tiredness or trauma to your eyes can certainly cause redness with blurred vision.
  10. Too long exposure to irritated chemicals results in experiencing eye redness. People who work around chemicals will commonly develop red eyes.

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