Treatment Options For Black Floaters In Your Eye

By on October 1, 2015

Are you having Black Floaters in your Eye? Chances are that you might not be having any idea about black floaters in the eyes.

This is quite common because there are a lot of people who do not have any idea about this condition. Floaters are basically minuscule black spots or tiny black strands occurring in the vitreous eye jelly.

Floaters mainly occur due to ageing and they are caused by the changes brought about in the vitreous humor of the eye.

Vitreous humor is the clear gel nestled between the retina and the lens. Tiny pieces of debris cast a certain shadow on the retina and these are the shadows that people can see.

Treatment for Black Floaters in your Eye

Black Floaters in your Eye

Black floaters in your eye might be located behind the eyeball and this is the main reason why you cannot get rid of these floaters by rubbing or blinking your eyes. These drift slowly from a particular place to another and they might also look different every time.

Some floaters treatments that can help in restoring vision are as follows:

  • Warm the hands by rubbing them and then lightly press the palms against the eyes for approximately ten seconds. This procedure should be repeated five times. You must do this for gradually eliminating floaters.
  • Tilt the head and look ahead while rolling your eyes around in circular motion. This exercise should be repeated ten times for getting rid of floaters.

  • Hold a pencil in front of your face and look at it while slowly moving it towards you around six inches away from the eyes. This is a relaxing massage that produced great results for floaters if repeated ten times.
  • Slowing massage the temples using the thumb knuckles in circular motion, backward and forward. This must be repeated twenty times for getting the best results.

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