Are There Any Lasik Eye Surgery Problems Involved?

By on March 26, 2015

Lasik eye surgery is a very well-known eye operation which is performed on a large number of patients these days.

This is an operation that has full chances of correcting various problems in relation to eye visions.

Post lasik eye surgery, patients are not required to use correction glasses or contact lenses and this is considered one of the major benefits of lasik eye surgery.

However, people are not aware of certain Lasik eye surgery problems associated with it.

Lasik Eye Surgery Problems

Various Lasik Eye surgery problems are explained below:

Lasik Eye Surgery Problems


If the eyes are infected due to the surgery then it is possible for you to suffer from permanent loss of vision. This is one of the most severe complications or risks associated with lasik eye surgery and it is also quite scary.

Double vision and losing the ability of seeing in the dark are other problems associated with lasik eye surgery.

Not Enough Or Too Much Treatment

Some people might face certain problems arising out of not enough or too much treatment. The worst circumstance is when an individual does not have 20/20 vision and still might have to use correction glasses or contact lenses.

Dry Eyes

This is one of the most common of all Lasik eye surgery problems reported till date. A patient might also have to go through irritating symptoms like itching, sensation of eye sticking to the eyelid and burning.

It is important that this problem is done away with as soon as possible. If left untreated it can stay in the form of regular side effect.

Visual Aberrations

These are specific visual effects that occur when the visual quality gets reduced and during lasik surgery. Visual aberrations include vision fluctuations, double vision and hazy vision which are rare and they do not go away very easily.

Loss of Vision

Lasik eye surgery might result in horrifying vision problems that can even not be resolved by using contact lenses or glasses. These problems might be caused due to malfunctioning equipment, scarring and infection.

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