How To Treat Eye Infection From Contacts Usage?

By on April 25, 2015

Contact lenses are considered safe by many people and there are thousands of people who use contact lenses in place of glasses.

However, people who use contact lenses are at an increased peril of having different types of eye infections.

There are various factors that can result in an eye infection from contacts, such as using extended-wear lenses, environmental effects, and lack of hygiene and reduced exchange of tear under the contacts.

Treatment For Eye Infection From Contacts

Some of the treatments for eye infection from contacts lens usage have been provided below.

Treating Eye Infection From Contacts Usage

Treatment for Keratitis

One common eye infection caused due to contacts is keratitis. This is an infectivity of the cornea caused due to microbes, fungus, bacteria and herpes. There are various treatments available for Eye Infection from Contacts.

Fungal keratitis can easily be treated with oral antifungal and topical medications. Eye surgery or corneal transplant is recommended for patients not responding to medical treatments.

Treatment for Corneal Ulcers

Corneal ulcer is the condition of exposed sore or erosion on the cornea surface caused due to germs. If people wear their contact lenses overnight, they might easily come into the contact of corneal ulcers.

A slit-lamp is used for examining the eyes for corneal ulcers. Treatment involves the use of antibiotics and antifungal medications. Your doctor might also give steroid eye drops for reducing inflammation.

Treatment For CLARE Or Contact Lens Induced Acute Red Eye

CLARE is inflammatory effect of the conjunctiva and the cornea. People who sleep with their contact lenses on suffer from this condition.

There is no specific treatment for this condition. In majority of the cases, patients are suggested to discontinue the use of contact lenses. This generally solves the problem. Nevertheless, if irritation or redness persists, then it is important to see an optometrist.

Treatment For Contact Lens Papillary Conjunctivitis Or CLPC

An inflammatory reaction of upper eye is called CLPC and this is very often seen in people who use contact lenses. Pharmaceutical eye drops are used for treating this condition.

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