How To Cure Stye Eye? Various treatment Options

By on June 6, 2015

If you are really want to know how to cure stye eye then it is important for you to know what is stye eye first. Stye eye or eye styes or eye pimples are eye conditions which are commonly reported.

These are minuscule bumps forming on the inner or outer part of the eyelid. These bumps generally form due to dirt, bacteria and even due to eyelashes.

Styes are same as pimples but the treatment for this condition is pain free and can even be solved very easily. There are different symptoms that you can watch out for if you feel that you have styes.

Treatment Options For How To Cure Stye Eye

However, if you are wondering how to cure stye eye then the treatment options have been provided below:

How To Cure Stye Eye?

Use of Warm Compress

Applying warm compress of the stye eye can produce effective results in treating the condition. The warm compress should be applied at least five to six times during the day for minimum 15 minutes. This helps in opening up and draining the stye which automatically starts the healing procedure.

Use Of Eye Drops Or Eye Ointments

Using eye drops on eye ointments on the stye can provide great relief. The products can be applied directly on the stye for reducing pain, combating infection and for encouraging the healing procedure. Prescription medications might also be used for treating eye stye.

Natural Eye

Eye makeup should be completely avoided as this aggravates the problem. Using accessories or make up close to the eye lid can worsen the stye and therefore sacrificing make up for some time comes as an effective treatment.

The Stye Should Be Kept Clean

If you want to get rid of eye stye then it is important that you keep it clean because the condition worsens in dirt. Eliminating as much dirt and bacteria as possible helps in treating eye stye effectively and fast.

Surgery Last

Surgery is the last option for the treatment of eye stye when it is not responsive to every other therapy. Surgery helps in opening up, draining and in removing the stye from its roots. Eye stye surgery is done by ophthalmologist under local anesthesia.

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