Herpes Eye Infection – Everything You Need Know

By on February 18, 2015

Herpes Eye Infection is also known as Herpetic simplex keratitis. It is usually caused by recurrent Herpes Simplex Virus or simply HSV in cornea.

When herpes eye infection is not treated well it could lead to blindness in one eye. In US this is one of the common causes of permanent blindness.

Near one third of the people in our world suffer from this disease. This is also main cause for cornea derived blindness. Let us see in detail about the symptoms, causes and treatment for this disease.

Herpes Eye Infection Symptoms

When a person is infected with HSV he would show one or a few of the following symptoms which are:
Herpes Eye Infection

  • A person with eye herpes will have recurrent eye infections.
  • The infected person would suffer from acute pain in the eye area and this might lead to blurred vision.
  • The eye area would be red in color and there might be tearing in the eye tissue. It is usually mistake to conjunctivitis.
  • The patient would experience sensitivity to light.
  • Eye Sores.
  • Watery discharge from eye.

Causes of Herpes Eye Infection

Herpes eye infection is caused mainly by a type Herpes Simplex Virus known as HSV 1. HSV 1 affects the oral area and this is the virus which develops cold sores on mouth or face. And HSV 2 generally affects the genital areas.

Eye Herpes is generally transmitted from a person who is affected with active herpes infection or by self contact from cold sores causes due to HSV 1.

Almost every one of us is exposed to this virus during childhood in the form of primary infection. Primary infection is having infection on eyelids and also have conjunctiva.

This virus enters into the facial nerves and stays inactive. And it can remain inactive even after years. Outbreak of this virus is seen only under certain conditions like having high fever, stress, having exposed to strong sunlight, other health condition, and stress.

Treat for Herpes Eye Infection

Most eye doctors prescribe eye drops like Zovirax and Trifluridine. When the eye infection is very extensive then corticosteroid drops like Atropine would be given to the patient.

The surface of the cornea can also be rubbed to remove the infection. You should do this but get it by done by a trained ophthalmologist.

If the infection occurs frequently then the person is given oral medications for longer periods. Once these medicines are taken the effect of HSV minimizes to a large extent and the infection does not occur in regular periods.

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