Effective Red Swollen Eyelid Treatment Options To Go For

By on June 1, 2016

When either the upper or the lower eyelid or both the eyelids become enlarged, the condition is called eyelid inflammation or eyelid swelling.

The eyelids get inflamed because of fluid buildup within the thin layers of the tissues surrounding the eyes. Inflamed eyelids are also called puffy eyelids.

Eyelid inflammation cannot be treated very easily. Red, swollen, puffy eyelids can cause embarrassment, discomfort and impaired vision.

It also becomes difficult for women to apply make-up or cleanser. If left untreated, this condition can get very serious. Immediate medical attention is important depending on the seriousness of the inflammation.

Red Swollen Eyelid Treatment

Red Swollen Eyelid Treatment Options

Best red swollen eyelid treatment options that work effective in treating the inflammation are included below:

Antibiotic Ointment

Antibiotic ointments or drops containing cortisone are quite effective in treating eyelid inflammation. However, it is not advisable to use these ointments or drugs for an extended period of time because they might result in glaucoma among individuals.

Heat Application

Applying heat on the affected eye for minimum five minutes can help in getting good relief from eyelid inflammation. Heat application on the affected eye softens the crusts and the skin close to the eyelids and helps in unplugging the ducts found in the meibomian glands.


Massaging the eyelids with the forefingers post applying some heat can also be an effective method of red swollen eyelid treatment. The massage can be done by using a good quality lubricant ointment on the surface of the skin close to the eyes.

Practicing Proper Eye Hygiene

Keeping the eyes clean and clear all the time and using cold water for washing the eyes can help in preventing and in treating eyelid inflammation.

Home Remedies

There are even some home remedies that can effectively be tried for treating eyelid inflammation. The affected eye should not be rubbed and contact lenses should not be used until the inflammation subsides. Cold compresses on the affected eyelid can also work wonders in treating the condition.

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