Effective Black Eye Treatment Options To Try

By on April 13, 2016

Black eye is also known as shiner and it is basically a bruise found around the eyes. The surrounding tissues close to the eyes and the eyelids have soft blood vessels that break due to an impact or the force exerted by an object that strikes the eye.

Blood generally accumulates under the skin resulting in blue or black discoloration around eye socket and the eyelids. The skin found around the eyes is transparent and thin in comparison to the skin found in other parts of the human body.

This is the reason why the blue or the black color of the bruised eye seems more intense and darker in comparison to bruises in other parts of the body.

Black Eye Treatment Options

Have a look at the options for black eye treatment, which work effectively in treating:

Black Eye Treatment

Icy Treatment

Applying something cold on the affected area can help in reducing the swelling and it even helps in constricting the blood vessels. This further helps in stopping the bleeding condition under the skin.

Pain Reliever

Taking a pain reliever like aspirin can always be of good help in getting rid of the discomfort and the unbearable pain. However, Tylenol or acetaminophen is considered the best alternative when it comes to taking pain relievers as black eye treatment.

Avoiding Swelled Head

Patients suffering from black eye should always try and keep their head elevated by sleeping on extra pillows. This helps in limiting pooling and swelling.

Applying Moist Heat

Warm compresses or washcloths applied on the affected area can be of good help in increasing the circulation of blood in the affected area. This helps in the re-absorption of leftover blood which further promotes healing.

Natural Oil

Sufferers also have the alternative of using natural oil for slightly massaging the area that is affected. This helps in reliving the pain and even heals the swelling condition. Olive oil is the best natural oil that can be used because it possesses antiseptic properties.

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