Diabetic Cataract Surgery – Treatment For Common Diabetic Eye Disease

By on March 21, 2014

As a diabetic patient, we all know how essential it is to stay on top of our health but how about when it comes to eyes?

High blood sugar increases the risk of having eye problems like blurred vision, cataracts from diabetes.

Fortunately cataracts are treated using cataract surgery. Today, let us discuss about diabetic cataract surgery in detail.

What are Cataracts?

A cataract is a fogging or clogging of normally very clear lens of the eye. Lens allows us to see or focus on an image just like a camera.

Diabetic Cataract SurgeryIf you have cataract, the cloudy area in your eye lens results in inability to focus light and your vision is also impaired, means blurred or glared vision.

How cataracts are treated?

A diabetic cataract, or ordinary cataract actually never goes away on its own, but can stop progressing after a certain point.But if the cataracts continue to progress and grow, they can lead to blindness if left untreated.

Luckily, cataracts are successfully treated with surgery. Millions of cataract surgeries are performed in US every year.

How diabetic cataract surgery is done?

During cataract surgery in diabetic patients, the natural lens is replaced by an artificial intraocular lens.The procedure generally performed under local anesthesia in outpatient section of hospital and no need to stay overnight.

The impaired lens is broken up with high frequency ultrasound probe and the pieces are removed using suction.

But diabetic cataract surgery is performed only when the case is serious and eye has severe problem in viewing. Before opting cataract surgery for diabetic patients, it is essential to know about benefits and risks of it.

Post-operative course:

Diabetic patients who have undergone cataract surgery pose distinctive challenges during surgery and they may be prone to more difficult post-operative recovery.

However, with minimally traumatic surgical techniques, careful pretreatment of the diabetic retinopathy and appropriate post-operative medications, these diabetic patients can do very well as well as recover excellent vision just similar to other cataract patients.

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